Acting class and 3D initiation stuff

Publié le 24 Janvier 2013

Petit article avec la 2e partie des exercises faits en classe d'acting/mime. "Juste" pour étuder le mouvement, le poids et le timing, sans intervaller ou cleaner l'ensemble.
Et ensuite mon premier exo de 3D, pendant notre semaine d'initiation à cet outil.

Just a quick update with the second part of my acting/mime exercises (first isn't really good, and, anyway, too big for my vimeo account for this week)
They are short animated movements studied in class and done just after in some hours. Just about movement, weight and timing. Without taking time to do inbetweens and cleaning stuff.

And then just my landspeeder done in 3D initiation week. My first steps in Maya ! Quite complicated for me for the moment !





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